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Awakening the Joy Within©

Joy, a fruit of the Spirit, is not just a feeling. It is a state of being! Christians are expected to live joyfully, but most do not joyfully live. The Fruit of Joy is realized in us through the elimination of our limiting beliefs. Joy Now focuses upon awakening that joy within each of us, allowing us to live our lives according to God's Plan.

Has joy has eluded you in your life?  Have you searched for joy but have been unable to capture that deep-seated feeling within your soul?  The good news is that joy is within your grasp!  The Awakening the Joy Within© program transforms your mind, allowing you to experience the joy you deserve.


"I experienced the Joy workshop and found it to be an incredibly rewarding and transforming time of learning. It awakened within me a sense of joy that opened the doors to a new sense of promise and possibility within me."

Rev. Jim Berlau 

Associate Pastor 
Peace United Methodist Church

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