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"What I’ve always enjoyed most about Tom’s workshops is his ability to understand and accept other people’s circumstances and offer positive suggestions.  Tom encourages acceptance, interaction with others and helped me to open up my mind and heart to avoid judgment of myself and others.  That leads to gratitude which is the key to peace and joy."

Ann Strehlow
Peace United Methodist Church,
Co-Facilitator Women's Circle and
Mixed Blessings Small Group


As humans, we often use the term Joy as a synonym for happiness. But as a “fruit” of the Spirit, (Galations 5: 22-24) true Joy is awakened in us as we grow in the image of our Lord Jesus. In this experiential workshop Tom presents a practical guide to us to direct us in our daily lives to live a joyful life.


Tom’s two-day Joy Workshop is a powerful vehicle that delves deeply into the process of transforming our lives to inculcate God’s word and experience the awakening of his sacred joy. In this workshop participants will take part in meditation, exercises, group and individual sharing, and create a plan for living in joy regardless of the circumstances they face.



The online course invites participants to experience the transformation from their normal daily lives to a joyful way of living. It focuses on seven steps to bring about a radical transformation in their lives. The course is interactive, providing means for participants to share with other, with the purpose of developing a sense of community.


If you are eligible for CEUs, the course qualifies for 1.5 upon successful completion.

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