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As humans, we often use the term Joy as a synonym for happiness. But as a “fruit” of the Spirit, (Galations 5: 22-24) true Joy is awakened in us as we grow in the image of our Lord Jesus.
In his experiential workshop, “Awakening the Joy Within,” Tom Acey presents a practical guide to us to direct us in our daily lives to live a joyful life. This interactive and entertaining one-day workshop is designed to begin the process of transforming our lives from seeking worldly and fleeting happiness to living in God’s sacred joy. Many participants will experience an immediate and powerful epiphany, opening their hearts and minds to allowing the Holy Spirit to guide and empower them in making changes that will lead to living in joy. Others who follow the guidelines given them in the workshop will experience transformation over (an in God’s) time.

Tom’s two-day Joy Workshop is a powerful vehicle that delves deeply into the process of transforming our lives to inculcate God’s word and experience the awakening of his sacred joy. In this workshop participants will take part in meditation, exercises, group and individual sharing, and create a plan for living in joy regardless of the circumstances they face. This experience has proven invaluable to couples in strengthening and growing their relationship. The Joy Workshop is open to all participants, whether they have already taken one of our other workshops or online courses.

The online course, The Road to Joy, is designed to invite participants to experience the transformation from their normal daily lives to a joyful way of living. This course focuses on seven steps to bring about a radical transformation in their lives. The course is interactive, providing means for participants to share
with other, with the purpose of developing a sense of community.
There are ten “lessons” in the course, each with designated readings and exercises. There are two live sessions with Tom to discuss and process the participants’ work and questions. To provide maximum benefit to all participants, lessons will be offered daily beginning on a Monday, and participants should schedule their calendars to take part in the live sessions each Thursday of the two-week course.

Participants in this online course will definitely solidify and expand their results by moving on to one of the two-day Joy Workshops.
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